Safety Training

Safety Training

"As part of its target to keep employees’ safety awareness, management committed to up-grade employees’ knowledge on safety matter by sending them to safety training provided by qualified safety training provider"

Safety Training

So far, company has started sending them for sea survival training, and more training module is scheduled to be attended by EPTCO's employees

1. Toolbox meeting

Toolbox meeting is conducted on daily basis, and attendance is mandatory to all workers prior to work. During TBM, safety in charge shall give safety briefing, before executing the task on that day.

2. Stand-down meeting

In addition to TBM, stand-down meeting is conducted on work-area before executing the task. SDM is more specific about the task, and attended by smaller number of workers who will execute the task on particular work area.

3. Safety Inspection at Work Area

PPE is mandatory to be worn by employees, there is no exception for not wearing required PPE. Safety in charge shall actively moving around work area, to supervise activity, and has authority to remind those who are not working on safety measure, and has full authority to stop activity if there are hazard/potential hazard that are not properly handled.

4. Equipment Inspection

Equipment inspection to be conducted on monthly basis, and all inspected equipment should be given color coded tag.

5. Safety Sign

It is responsibility of company to inform everybody at project site of hazard/ potential hazard to prevent any incident/accident, by placing safety sign in common place, written in attractive color/design to be easily seen by other.

6. Safety Training

Safety training to be given for all employee on a regular basis. Newly hire employee shall attend mandatory induction training followed by work-related training.

7. Safety Campaign & Safety reward

In addition to the current safety activity, management to make sure all safety standard has been understood and implemented at site, through safety campaign it is expected that employees may have more aware of safety.

All safety rules and regulation to be followed by all employees, punishment such as warning letter, suspended from work up to termination from site shall be implemented. On the other hand, management highly appreciate those who follow and implement safety on his/her work activity, by giving safety award.

Safety Poster