Quality Management System

"We’ll make sure that construction workmanship and product quality are maintained to an acceptable throughout the construction phase every the Project or Work."

Quality Management System

"EPTCO will commit that each project is executed effectively and efficiently with the highest standards of Quality"
Since 2008 PT Eptco Dian Persada has been holding ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Company Management Controls and Project Requirements

The requirements of the QMS have been derived directly from ISO 9001 2015 and are defined in a manner which allows for and requires responsible interpretation and application in order to achieve cost effective operation.

Company Management Controls apply equally to all EDP activities including the control of projects. The specific project controls apply to those Business Streams having responsibility for these functions. Against each requirement specified herein, reference is provided to the Procedure(s) which implement the requirement and to the specific clause in ISO 9001:2015 which reference the requirement. Where a specific ISO 9001:2015 clause is not applicable this is stated along with the justification.

Archive systems shall be established for storage and retrievability

Control Systems

1. Structure

All Company operations shall be controlled in accordance with documented control systems. Figure - 1 illustrates in simplified form the relationship and function of these documents which are described below.

Three categories of documentation are available:

1) Tier-1: Corporate documents contain definitions of Corporate policy, senior management organization and responsibilities. They are authorized by the Chief Executive.

2) Tier-2: QMS Procedures and Model Project Procedures are produced to define and control all Company operating systems. They are reviewed by each interfacing department and authorized by the senior manager who has prime responsibility for their maintenance and review.

3) Tier-3: Documents provide the basic standards, specifications, method statements etc that are further developed for specific project use. This includes the output documents which provide the objective evidence of compliance to the QMS.

Tier 1 and 2 documents are available on the network and a register of all such documents is maintained.

Corporate Quality Management System

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